About Us

Paloma Lajud is a Spanish fashion firm, specialized in avant-garde garments, hand-made with the highest quality standards in their fabrics, cuts and creation.

Paloma Garciaferro Lajud is the founder of the brand, CEO and creative director. Coming from a Mexican background, she brings to her creations two of her greatest passion: fashion and the collection of her travel experience discovering new places and culture.

The collections are limited editions, in which details are inspired by nature; evoking colors, sounds, sensations, landscapes and cultures from different regions of the world.

The brand joins fashion, quality, craftsmanship and sustainability in one single avant-garde garment. Every design starts with a an extensive search of fabrics that have the highest quality standards and are eco-friendly. They are manufactured in small workshops in Spain specialized in limited production with professional tailors. We are constantly looking for perfection, that’s why we manufacture a limited number of garment, pouring all our love and passion in every piece.

We want to empahasize on the importance of a responsible fashion production. Our philosophy goes hand in hand with the Slow Fashion Movement and try to apply it in every step that we take.

The women who wears a Paloma Lajud design is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, she likes to shine in an avant- garde garment with unique details. She is also a modern, confident, elegant, daring and sensual woman who is at the same time practical and above all proud of her feminity.

Eco Friendly: Most of the fabrics we use are natural or organic and have been recycled or are recyclable.

Handmade and sustainable: Our garments are made by experts artisans who work in workshops that comply with the norms and standards of labor quality and that focus on fair and friendly working environment.

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