Abrigo Berlín amarillo

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Un abrigo excepcional, hecho de lana 100% y confeccionado por sastres artesanos españoles, este abrigo es un must have y fondo de armario que mantendrás durante toda la vida. Calentito y con un corte recto, destaca por sus mangas ligeramente abullonadas y detalle de pelo sintético sobre ellas, dándole un toque de estilo y glamour que tiene un potencial infinito de combinaciones según el estilo de cada quien. Debido a su corte hemos hecho solo dos tallas, XS-S (34-36-38) y M-L (40-42) ¡Haz que el abrigo que estrenes este año sea diferente al de todas las demás y te dure para toda la vida! Hecho a mano en España con insumos europeos de calidad premium.


Made in Spain

100% wool

100% PL lining

The essential raw material of our fabrics is Spanish wool. Hence, we have been committed, for two years, to merino sheep wool, a native Spanish species. Its fibers and characteristics give fabrics an exceptional quality.

For some of the items in our collection we use wool from other countries due to its characteristics, including its fineness, length and softness.

We use Australian wool and Afghan cashmere which are high quality raw materials that comes with a high price, but this ensures that the fabric is of the highest quality. This causes the fabric to have even more quality and gives it extreme softness.

Among our raw materials, we are also using an autochthonous Spanish wool of a certain fineness. In this case the animals are controlled by the Spanish merino association.

Dry clean

Can be ironed

Do not wash with water

Do not use whitener

Do not tumble dry

Do not squeeze

A pre-order is an advance purchase. At Paloma Lajud we make exclusive designs and limited editions. All our production is handmade and therefore there are designs that take longer to make, however, with a pre-order we give you the option to buy it before they go on sale to the public and thus make sure you do not run out of your size.
Remember that the date indicated at the top is an approximation, we will send your order as soon as it comes out of the oven!

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